For Participants

For Participants

About ACCME:
This study is focused on studying cancer occurring at the mouth of the womb (cervix), the germs known to cause cervical cancer (Human Papillomavirus –HPV) and the environment inside the vagina among women in Africa. The Purpose of the study is to understand how women get infected with HPV, why some women are able to control the infection, the environment in their vagina that affects infection and the factors that may run in families (heritable factors) that affects why HPV infection persists and cause cancer of the cervix.

Commitment to the ACCME Study:

  • Each volunteer in this study will undergo the following steps after the research has been properly explained and the informed consent form has been signed. After giving informed consent, you will be asked questions about your life such as age, tribe, education, physical activity, nutritional, sexual and reproductive history
  • You will be examined all over your body including your private parts (vagina and cervix) by trained nurses. During these examinations, ACCME study staff will test the acidity of your vagina using a pH paper and samples will be taken from your vagina and cervix for HPV tests

These 2 steps above will be performed every 6 months that you are in the study (the study will last for 24 months- so you will visit the clinic at least 4 times)

During your first study, some 3 tablespoons (1 tablespoon is 10mls) of blood will be taken from you. This blood sample will be used to test genetic and nutritional factors related to HPV infection and other factors related to the cause of cervical cancer

Some volunteers will be invited back to participate in additional studies within the context of this research. Selection will be based on the toss of a coin and the results obtained from tests done in the first part of the research. If you are selected for these studies, your samples will be tested for substances like bacteria and chemicals in the vagina